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Designing Your Website for More Bookings

Peter ScottWhile facing fierce competition on the digital front, it’s more important than ever to capture your audience on your website and focus on improving the user experience to increase your bottom line.

In video, Peter dove into specific tactics to generate more online bookings by optimizing your digital experience and creating an environment designed for long-term growth. While these adjustments may be small, optimizing will deliver an improved experience for your guests and increase your overall revenue. Presenters: Peter Scott, President, Bluetent

2017 Online Marketing Game Plan

How to create a complete digital marketing plan for 2017. SEO, PPC, Social, Email, UI/UX, Analytics.

By Brandon Sauls, President and Owner, ICND

Five Formulas to Audit Your Revenue Performance

Heather WeiermannIn today’s competitive industry, streamlining operational efficiencies to drive revenue performance is the key to more success. There are metrics within your data that can tell you which processes could be hiding higher profits and these formulas could be your key to optimizing your vacation rental company.

Find out these key formulas, how to identify the data, and learn those areas where you could improve revenue performance and get more out of your business! Speaker: Heather Weiermann, NAVIS

Intro to Dynamic Pricing and Yield Management for Vacation Rentals

Ian McHenryLearn how you can leverage data to make more money without spending a dime on marketing. We’ll cover the basics of predicting demand, analyzing supply and competitor pricing, analyzing hotel competition, and understanding booking curves. If you are in charge of setting rates at your company and want to become more sophisticated in your pricing either to ward off “next-generation” competitors or to make your owners happier, this is a great opportunity to learn and share strategies.

Presenter: Ian McHenry, Co-founder and President of Beyond Pricing

Online Strategies for Homeowner Acquisition 

Josh GuerraStrategies for landing homeowners. Combining your current tactics with online marketing for greater conversion.

Presenters: Joshua Guerra and Brian Selleck, Bizcor