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With the creation of comparative data and pricing tools, the science of revenue management for the vacation rental industry is quickly evolving and has become a hot-button topic for VRMs in 2019. As a result, VRM Intel is bringing together revenue management experts, vacation rental professionals, and technology providers for a two-day educational conference designed to identify best practices and professionalize the industry’s understanding of comparative data and revenue management strategies. 

VRM Intel’s Data and Revenue Management Conference will be held August 6-7 at the Atlanta Airport Marriott, and is being supported by leading sponsors, Key DataAirDNARented.comPriceLabsC2G AdvisorsStreamlineBeyond PricingRedAwning, and LSI

“While vacation rental professionals are extremely interested in implementing revenue management strategies, there is little information or education offered in the marketplace specific to short-term rentals; and we are finding that hotel strategies do not necessarily apply to leisure-oriented vacation rentals,” said Amy Hinote, founder of VRM Intel. “There are new technology, data, and pricing tools available and new terms, KPIs, theories, and practices emerging. With this conference, we hope to bring the smartest people in this space together to help VRMs make sense of this new playing field.”

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The Data and Revenue Management Conference is an educational conference with classroom sessions, panel discussions, product demonstrations, and key data findings with the following objectives:

  1. Bring together industry experts and VRMs who are looking to understand and implement data-oriented revenue management strategies.
  2. Provide a foundation for industry understanding of market-driven data analytics and the role that revenue management plays in profitability and asset management. 
  3. Discuss fundamentals, key glossary terms, metrics, and KPIs.
  4. Identify and articulate revenue management strategies.
  5. Examine existing data tools, pricing tools, and how they work with PMSs.
  6. Compare and contrast hotel and VR revenue management. 
  7. Demonstrate how to implement pricing strategies—internally and across channels.
  8. Take a first step toward helping VRMs identify best practices and professionalizing understanding of the value of comparative data and revenue management strategies. 


august 6 (Tuesday) - 7 (Wednesday)


Atlanta Airport Marriott

4711 Best Rd, Atlanta, GA 30337



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