Engage. Interact. Convert.

Our industry-specific news content is delivered within an integrated multi-media environment which, not only engages readers, but aims to involve them in the news process. We offer customized advertising opportunities with the sole goal of delivering laser targeting, high conversions and an exceptional return on investment.

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IAB-standard ad sizes currently features two IAB-sized advertising placements which fit into the site’s content. (728×90, 300×250)

Channel sponsorships

Target your audience by sponsoring one of our news “channels”: Latest News, Technology, Marketing, Owner Relations, Housekeeping, VR Restrictions, Accounting or Customer Service.

Webinars will produce a Webinar on a topic relevant to your business. All promotion of the Webinar will include your company branding. Promotion will include 3 email blasts to our database in addition to an ad campaign on Also the sponsor will get 5 minutes to talk about your product. Post Webinar, a downloadable version will be hosted on

Email Display and Text Advertising

Text and display ads are available.

Unique Advertising Options

Looking for something “outside of the box”? We are more than happy to work with you to create unique advertising opportunities on the site, i.e. sponsoring social media pages.

Geo-targeted advertising (Coming soon.)

Dedicated email blasts (Coming soon.)

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